Kim Simpson - Early '70s Radio Kim's book Early '70s Radio: The American Format Revolution is available at Amazon and others booksellers. Have a peek inside at Google Books.

"Must reading for anyone interested in the unique role specialized audio programming played in an era of historic social change."
-Michael C. Keith, The Radio Station

"A wonderful, compelling book... [Simpson] employs penetrating wisdom and astonishing perception to correlate music with the cultural mores of our times and depict what really was and why. Great book!" -Claude Hall, Radio-TV Editor, Billboard, 1964-79

"[Simpson's] skillful scholarship and attention to detail clarify that what we listen to and how we lead our lives do not march to separate beats." -David Sanjek, American Popular Music and Its Business

"A fast-paced romp through the formatting revolution that changed the ways pop music continues to be sliced and diced. Surprises pop off every page." -Karl Hagstrom Miller, Segregating Sound: Inventing Folk and Pop Music in the Age of Jim Crow

"Simpson provides an able, accessible guide through a daunting range of sounds and contexts." -Eric Weisbard, Listen Again: A Momentary History of Pop Music

Other writings:
Scenes from the Movie (Dialogue, Winter 2003, 207-212) is a piece inspired by Kim's Utah childhood.

Kim maintains four blogs:

The Song ID Blog, an ever-expanding collection of short commentary on memorable tracks

International Folk Bazaar, a companion to his KOOP radio show

Early 70s Radio, a companion to his book, exploring related subjects, and

Boneyard Media, a free-form but mostly music-related affair. Most everything he's written that's available online can be located through Boneyard Media.